Longitudinal cluster randomised trials

Much of my recent work has focussed on the development of methodology for longitudinal cluster randomised trials, including the stepped wedge design and multi-cross-over cluster trial.

Causal Inference

Many of my recent projects have been in the development of theory for causal inference.

Healthcare provider comparison

I have been involved in several projects comparing the performance of healthcare providers.

Preventing sexual harassment within the stats community

Preventing sexual and other forms of harassment within the statistical community is something I have been working on over the last year or so.

Methods Publications

  1. M McGuinness, J Kasza, A Karahalios, R Guymer, RP Finger, JA Simpson. A comparison of methods to estimate the survivor average causal effect in the presence of missing data: a simulation study. BMC Medical Research Methodology, (2019) 19:223.

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    • Winner of the 2018 Monash University John McNeil Early Career Researcher Publication Prize for Public Health Research

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    • Winner of the 2016 Monash University John McNeil Early Career Researcher Publication Prize for Public Health Research
    • Winner of the 2016 AMREP Public Health Research Mid-Career Researcher Best Paper Award

  16. JA Flegg, J Kasza, I Darby and CD Weller. Healing of venous ulcers using compression therapy: predictions of a mathematical model. Journal of Theoretical Biology. (2015) 379:1-9.

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Collaborative Publications


  1. KL Paterson, J Kasza, DJ Hunter, RS Hinman, HB Menz, G Peat, KL Bennell. Longitudinal association between foot and ankle symptoms and worsening of symptomatic radiographic knee osteoarthritis: data from the osteoarthritis initiative. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, (2017) 25(9):1407-1413.
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  3. A van Ginckel, K Bennell, P Campbell, J Kasza, T Wrigley, D Hunter, R Hinman. Associations between changes in knee pain location and clinical symptoms in people with medial knee osteoarthritis using footwear for self-management: an exploratory study. Osteoarthritis and Cartilage, (2017) 25(8):1257-1264.
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  5. KL Bennell, R Nelligan, F Dobson, C Rini, F Keefe, J Kasza, S French, C Bryant, A Dalwood, J. H Abbott, RS Hinman. Effectiveness of an internet-delivered exercise and pain coping skills training intervention for people with chronic knee pain (IMPACT–knee pain): A randomised controlled trial. Annals of Internal Medicine, (2017) 166(7):453-462.
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Selected presentations

  1. International Society for Clinical Biostatistics 2020.

  2. International Biometrics Society Journal Club invited speaker.

  3. Pragmatic cluster randomised trial designs workshop, Melbourne November 2019.

  4. Society for Clinical Trials, Portland USA, May 2018.

  5. Society for Clinical Trials & 4th International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference, Liverpool UK, May 2017.

  6. Australian Statistics Conference, Canberra, December 2016.

  7. 37th Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics, Birmingham UK, August 2016.

    • Causal diagrams, expert opinion and structure learning: vetting the expert.

  8. Biometrics by the Harbour, Conference of the Australasian Region of the International Biometric Society, Hobart, November 2015.

  9. Australian Clinical Trials Alliance International Clinical Trials Symposium, Sydney, October 2015.

  10. 36th Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics, Utrecht, August 2015.

  11. 35th Annual Conference of the International Society for Clinical Biostatistics, Vienna, August 2014.


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